My name is Alex Fraser, I am a school teacher from England (UK) and very much love what you guys do as the Spazmatics! I have been playing in a band for a while, just local and we would like to play some weddings per-say here in the South of England. I was wondering whether you could point me in the direction of where you get your backing tracks from...the style is great and exactly what we do: combine an act with music everyone wants to hear! I like the blend you guys have, it's awesome and quirky!

Would be great to hear back from you guys...

Many thanks,

a big fan


Spazmatics responded on 11/16/2013

Hi Alex! Thanks for writing and the compliments! Our management in L.A. has their own studio and they create most of the tracks for us. We also have personal studios here in Chicago where we can add a few songs here and there as well as intros, goofy segues, etc...Good luck to you!

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