I met a girl at the end of February at the Mississippi Moonbar for a concert of the Spazmatics in Dubuque, IA. Since then, we have continued talking and things have been progressing. Only problem is she is leaving Dubuque for grad school. We will be in attendance at the May 31st at the Moonbar. Since your concert is the first place we met and the 31st will be our last night tonight in the great city of Dubuque together, I was wondering if there is any chance you guys can give her a shout out during the show. Her name is Michala Lensing. If this is undoable i get it, but it would definitely make her night and serve as a great send off. She absolutely loves your band. Keep rocking!!!

Spazmatics responded on 05/14/2014

I'm sure we can do that, Don, no problem. Do you guys have a booth, table, GA tix? Just so we have an idea where you'll be that night so we know where to look :-)

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