Well guys as you can see i'm 54 yrs old and i grew up in the 80's,i'm what you might call a DISABLED ROADIE,i have COPD and on OXYGEN 24/7 except when i need a Smoke?.i know i need too QUIT but its not that easy too do.i've tried everything on the market atleast once none of them worked. well enough about me and my problems, ? do you guys have anyone running the LIGHTS for you durring the shows,from 1975 thru 2002 i was both a Lighting Designer and i also ran the Board durring the Thousands of Shows i did over the years,now just because i live in Michigan and you guys live in Chicago is no problem for me,i follow a band in Chicago now called HEARTSFIELD.COM they have been around since the 70's Southern Rock 95% Original,i drive a very reliable Honda Odysee Van.i'm thinking of coming too see you at the District Big Top if i can get A TICKET,i've got a Bad feeling that you guys might be SOLD OUT ALREADY. thats all i got too say for now guys,see you soon?. Sincerely John.

Spazmatics responded on 10/14/2015

Hey John, thanks for reaching out to us! I bet you've got a million stories to tell! Sure, we've heard of Heartsfield - they're a great band. I'm sure they're lucky to have you!

As a band we try to travel as light as possible. Every venue we play comes with a light tech who is already familiar with their house system and we just use them. Unfortunately we're not big enough to carry our own light show.

We'll look for you Saturday in Kalamazoo and try to say hello :-)

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