A group of family members plan on making Vegas our New Year's Eve celebration spot. I came across you event and did a search on Spazmatics. From feedback I seen its safe to say that your group has made an outstanding commitment to the originals and purchasing tickets is money well spent.

On your event calendar it shows that on December 31 you'll be playing Embassy Suites in Des Moine, Iowa. In it shows that you'll be at South Point Hotel's Exhibit Hall B, Las Vegas. Which venue is correct.

Spazmatics responded on 11/04/2015

Hey there Jose, Thanks for writing and thanks for the compliment! The Spazmatics belong to an Entertainment Company out of L.A. called Perfect World Entertainment and we have bands all over the country. Both listing are correct - the Chicago band is playing in Des Moines and the Vegas guys are playing South Point. Both shows will be great and highly recommended :-)

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