How old are u guys? You look young, what got u into 80's music. I just saw u play in Kalamazoo, MI and u were awesome. The group I was with are all late 30 somethings and we loved it!!

Spazmatics responded on 07/30/2010

We are actually very old but thanks to Professor Eugene's special anti-aging serum we are all still very young and healthy. It tastes awful but it really works! There were so many computers being used for the music in the 80's - how could we resist?! All that synth pop and New Wave. The hair metal and Top 40 stuff was awesome then and it's still awesome now. Definitely the greatest decade for music - not to mention hair styles!

They called us right away on Monday to come back so we're working on more dates as we type! See you soon K-Zoo!

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