who has been ur most memorable fan so far

Spazmatics responded on 01/27/2011

Wow, that's a tough question to answer because we have so many great fans all over the country. If we were to pick just one person though it would have to be Starr at the Blue Chip Casino. We once played there every Friday for three years straight and after awhile it was difficult to always come up with new things to entertain the fans. Then one day Starr showed up! After a few drinks she would take over the dance floor trying to be all sexy and such. She would dance in total stranger's laps, dance up by the stage and get all sweaty. We could tell her to do crazy things and she would do them without hesitation. Nights when Starr showed up were easy for us because all eyes were on her to see what she would do next. Unfortunately she eventually got banned for the casino. We later learned that she is really a very very sweet woman with a family and we miss her dearly.

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